About Us
About Us

India is known to have a rich heritage of Cotton & Silk. Cotton weaving is the heart and soul of Indian textiles. “Indian Concepts” is a Brand that promises to offer an exquisite range of lifestyle products that are crafted from these traditional Indian fabrics that have been known globally for ages.

Western formals like trousers and tops with blazers have been universally famous and regularly used in corporate world, but they have not been very comfortable for Indian women. The fabric used by these western formals is produced by modern textile processes using harmful chemicals; this renders them non skin-friendly causing irritation, rashes, sweating and discomfort. The fits of these garments restrict free body movement and cause a further discomfort when used during longer working hours. Lack of choice has led Indian corporate women to use regular ethnic wear adorned with gaudy embroidery and flashy prints, though it does not go in sync with the corporate dress code. 

“Indian Concepts” addresses these drawbacks by offering exclusive Ethnic Corporate Wear made from renowned traditional fabrics sourced from artisans across India. The fabric properties make it ideal for corporate wear providing the necessary comfort for longer working hours in any season. Some of these fabrics are hand-woven with characteristics that are difficult to replicate even by new age machines. Undoubtedly, these fabrics possess a unique charm and elegance of their own. “Indian Concepts” has crafted these fabrics for contemporary look to address the long-time unattended need of Indian women – an Ethnic Corporate Wear. 

The “Indian Concepts” Corporate wear possesses a class of its own on account of its following distinctive features.

- Skin-friendly Breathable Fabrics – that helps to regulate body temperatures

- High Quality Under lock Stitching – that helps in shape retention of the garment for a longer time

- Body Friendly Fits – that facilitates air circulation and free movements of the body

- Subtle embroidery – that complements your matured personality

Women in India have come a long way! From just being a skilled homemaker to acquire business acumen and have made a mark in the corporate world, “Indian Concepts” aims to celebrate these achievements of Indian women. “Indian Concepts” offers its tribute by presenting the more deserving Indian women – her own Indian Corporate Wear.